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Plant show at Waypost coffee

I have a painting in the July show at Waypost coffee shop in near N portland. The theme, according to the update I was sent, has been expanded from desert scenes to plants.  This show commemorates Waypost’s 3rd year in business.

Katmandu, the studio cat, strikes again

Here we see Katmandu assisting with a bin full of scrap fabric. He is making sure it is soft enough for general use..;P

Katmandu is hard at work...

Katmandu is hard at work...

We recently learned from a friend, who does veterinary work, that my cat appears to have suffered from dystemper as a kitten, and may have sustained some acquired brain injury. That would explain why he at times accidentally runs into walls, or forgets what he is doing. But he is a very sweet and devoted animal. He is very social and loves having people over to the art studio. His favorite activity is getting fur all over someones’ pants. (luckily they make these awesome pet roller things…)