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Event information for Launch Pad’s “Family” show

The show will premiere October 2nd. You can find out more information here.

I don’t know how the piece will turn out, but it will be a mixed media experiment. I am currently interested in trying out some sculptural bits with it, and media such as encaustic painting.

Quote from Motherwell on abstract art

“The emergence of abstract art is one sign that there are still men able to assert feeling in the world. Men who know how to respect and follow their inner feelings, no matter how irrational or absurd they may first appear. From their perspective, it is the social world that tends to appear irrational and absurd.”

This was in a book that contained essays from critics, such as Clement Greenberg, and artists, such as Robert Motherwell, on their concepts regarding contemporary art of their time.

I’m not a “man” of abstract art, nor might all my things always be 100% abstract, but I really identify with this quote. Motherwell has touched on the presence of the mystical in abstract art; the effort to re-mean the world and bring forth its graceful essence. Later in the same essay, he talks about abstract art being a form of mysticism unto itself, and a goal for those who sense keenly the profound lack of meaning, or Existential Vacuum, that so much of urban contemporary life has become.