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my FunADay Exhibit

we had a really good turnout for Fun A Day Portland! You can kind of get an idea what my exhibit of  “WINDOWPANE” looked like, above.

My Piece for Fun-A-Day Portland

I just submitted a mockup layout for an upcoming new book I am hoping to publish this year. It will have a selected collection of my poetry/travel journaling/philosophical & somewhat intoxicated (at times) rantings, phrases overheard in passing, dreams, wild tales too true be be believed, and my original artwork and photography. It may also include editorial and literary contributions from a special guest or two.

The book is tenatively titled “WINDOWPANE”. It could have many different meanings, all or none of which might be the actual title of the book. Make of that what you will.

The theme, as it came to me, was birthed standing in an extremely long line between the beginning & end of a TSA security gate at Chicago O’Hare Airport. It has to do with liminal or ecstatic states that we all come across at times during our lifetimes… some of which are hard to capture or explain, but which have the capacity to influence one profoundly.

The work is a follow up to my first solo chapbook, Uncircumcised Rants, and will contain selections from across the past 29 years of my collected journals. (Yes, I have quite a few!) Plus some new pieces, if I feel so inclined.

You can preview WINDOWPANE at the Fun A Day exhibit coming up this Saturday in SE Portland. More information here. You can also visit their main website here.