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NW Quilt Expo

I got a chance to visit the NW Quilting Expo last weekend, held at the Expo center here in sunny Portland, OR. Although for some reason they had most of the activities Thurs. through Friday, and I missed them (I went on Saturday, the last day of the show), there was still a great deal of work to enjoy looking at, from all across the region.

You can check out some of the photos I uploaded of the amazing quilts from the exhibition here.


Dickies Bag Patch update



Here is the design I came up with for a jumbo patch to go on my refurbished Dickies shoulder bag (only $6 from the thrift store). I have been continuing in the theme of using layers of felt in a mola art style cutaway pattern. I am considering the method I would like to use for adhering it, as the contouring is going to be really labor-intensive… Perhaps machine stitching? I am at a bit of a loss because my sewing machine had developed technical issues, but I may be able to use a friend’s loaner. Stay tuned…