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Fiber Art Updates




Not a lot of traffic at the 2nd Hand Treasures yard sale from this weekend, but I was pleased that I could present some of my new finished felt pendants, and got some positive feedback for them. Plus, I traded the 2nd one- inspired by the colors of Fall leaves- for a neat belly dance outfit pattern offered by one of the other vendors. The colors in the pendant matched almost exactly with a costume she was making out of burgundy and green satins. How perfect was that!

I also had the first fitting of the mockup for my custom costume client today, and other than some minor placement issues, the fit is just right! We were both very pleased at how the experiment worked out. I should have the final piece done by the end of this or next week. I hope to post a picture or two soon…




New work for a Nold Yard Sale



I will be at the 2nd Hand Treasures Yard Sale Friday, Oct. 4th- hoping to be able to show off and sell some of these awesome recycled-felt pendants! They are not only good looking but have a secret surprise. Stop by from noon to 4pm, or contact me to find out more.


Hard At Work


Been working on drafting and constructing a pattern for a costume, on commission, from my client’s idea. It’s been a while since I took on constructing a garment, but so far it’s been a lot of fun! More details as I am able (and allowed) to share them soon…