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Update on the Place Gallery Eviction

The Portland Mercury has released this article that goes into more specific detail about the shutdown and eviction of Place Gallery at the end of this month. This appears to confirm that the eviction is directly linked to the most recent shows the gallery had displayed- including one that poked fun at shopping and consumerism.

My questions are these: Is Portland becoming so absorbed with finding a way to make a profit off of the “creative class” (who came up with this term, again?) that we are now going to be told what art we can or can’t make? What does this say about the property owner of Pioneer Place, and of Portland as an (up until now) fertile ground for innovation and progress in the realms of community, art, and social analysis/social structure?

Note that there will be a closing show on March 30th- I encourage people to come out and show their support of Place Gallery. Or, at the very least, get a view of some art that is on display for reasons other than mere abject consumerism.






Pioneer Place Art Gallery May Lose Out

The lease is set to be terminated for this art gallery, hosted on the top floor of the Pioneer Place shopping center in downtown Portland. Was it really all about the money? Or was it about the message? Read more details here.

Spring cleaning

The new hubby and I have been doing some spring cleaning last couple weekends… Swapped the main room around, so now the art and computer space is much larger… And the living room/lounge area is much cooler… Hoping to get back to work on some new fiber arts/art quilt pieces and painting very soon.. ! Plus we will have space to set out the large table and have guests over for creative night, games, dinner, etc. Getting excited!

Afternoon Tea Party and Art Show

Live singing, art vending, yummy tea & snacks, tarot card readings, art & craft displays, and more were at this afternoon’s event, hosted by the Notorious Mrs. S. I showed off my felt accessories, cards and wire crochet jewelry, and hubby Kris did live painting. A fun time for sure!