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My New Storefront

Hey Guys (of whatever gendered persuasion!)… Guess What! I have a new storefront on Storenvy under Laughingnewborn. It’s kind of like Etsy, with a focus on independent artists & designers whose brands tell a compelling story. I’d like to think mine does 🙂
It functions kind of like a social media site, in that you can “collect” items/brands you like and share them with others.

So, go “Envy” my store, if you would plz, thanks!!!

Go to my Contacts page, Here

and it should pop right up.
Or, you can visit:

It is still brand new, so make sure to check back regularly, both here and on the storefront, to see what new developments are taking place. Please contact me if you notice any bugs that need fixing.

Yays! – SBA

Vintage Vendors this Sunday!


Hey all, I will be a vendor at this event this Sunday, March 29th! I plan to bring some vintage and collectible goodies- clothes, costume jewelry, maybe even some interesting curios or so… Also I will have my wearable art pieces to view and purchase. Come see what I have in person, and talk to me during the show about getting a custom piece made, and I’ll give you 10% off a custom order! Just remind me “we met at Vintage Vendors.”