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NoFest in St. Johns 

John Barbera at Proper Eats

Come visit St. Johns this evening and experience a slice of local music and art, NoPo style! There will be a variety of performances, the bulk of them happening from 5pm-9 (but many will run later) in a variety of locations throughout downtown St. Johns. Too many to list here, but expect to see performances by groups such as Nasalrod, Michael Manning, the Mini Blinds, and much more. 

You can pick up a program at Proper Eats cafe’, check out some of the bands, and see my current art show that’s hanging together with some awesome Animal Icon art from a group of our local talented home schoolers (all proceeds from sales of their Icon art goes to benefit World Wildlife Fund, by the way. Just sayin’.)

It’ll be guaranteed fun- but even if you can’t make it out tonight, be sure to visit my paintings at the Cafe’ by the end of this month, because I’ll be making way for a new show in October. Many thanks to James & the Proper Eats crew for being one of the best (and longest-running) art shows I’ve had thus far!