The Art and Craft of Serena Blossom Appel

Art Party @ The Crimson Lotus

I’m stoked about the new album I came home with a few weeks ago, from Production Unit Xero (aka Ramon Mills)x with cover art by Tara Cochrane. The collage art and the smoky, minimalistic ambient music on the album are all original and unique, part of a limited-edition set, each with a different song mix and design. 

I got it at an Art Party, where a number of Tara Cochrane’s visionary/mythological/Goddess-inspired canvases were on display.

It was held at The Crimson Lotus, which has replaced Baowry Bagel, the former inhabitant of a turn-of-the-century stone house in St. Johns, right across from the Safeway on one side, & the McMenamin’s on another.  

They have tasty food at The Crimson Lotus (the Rat Burger is a favorite item); a variety of drinks including absinthe, and monthly offerings, such as the Art Party. This featured a live performance from Production Unit Xero and several other local talents. The intimate space was also home to a Tarot reader, as well as a cozy backyard burn barrel with loveseat. 

On another night, there was a dance party in the basement, featuring a DJ from Seattle spinning Deep Acid House & psytrance. 

It’s ventures such as these, and new offerings such as the revamped Pigeon Studio near by, that cause me to have faith that the positive creative vibe in St. Johns is still alive and well. I was struck by the local enthusiasm for sophisticated music, good food, and friendly, mutual community support a while back- and pleased to see it grow and develop.

Now as the season turns to rainy October, and I am more drawn to spending time indoors at my desk, by the fireplace, I can keep the magic of that evening going by playing the album from that evening, offered generously at a “pay what you will” donation, and extend that vibe into the future, as I dream up my own contributions to come. 

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