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Important- New Website and Brand

Hi all,

I’ve gone through a lot of changes the past few years- lots of life events, new home in a new part of Oregon, and potentially different long term creative goals.

In order to honor that, I am “shedding my skin” and will no longer be keeping this particular site. The Laughingnewborn can be put gently to sleep in the cradle. On to new things!

The new rebrand will be under “SoulWise Art” and will combine my different avenues of creativity- working individually on visual mixed media art, wearables, collectively in community or by giving presentations/shows/workshops, doing custom art and healing pieces for others, and incorporating creative writing and photography- into one place.

Visit my new website at:

Or contact me at:


Return of the Love Show! @ Ford Gallery

After something like a 6 year hiatus, the original Love Show is back in Portland! Community gallery entrepeneur, Ben Pink, has taken on hanging original works from 200 artists for this year’s event at the Ford Gallery on SE Division & 11th.

I didn’t get the memo in time to submit work for this show, although I know several talented artists who will have work you should still check out 😉

Instead, I will be running a costume photo booth at the event- come play dress up and get your picture taken in front of a Love themed backdrop!


Opening night is on Saturday, Feb. 3, from 6-11pm. There is parking at the back of the Ford building, but the lot is a little small. Street parking is available nearby. Other event amenities include a bar, potluck, and an on site non-denominational Reverend who will be marrying and divorcing (according to which you need most) people at the event.

I look forward to all of the fun photos that will be happening this coming Saturday! If you can’t make it to opening night, the show will be up through March 12.

10th Anniversary Big 500 Show 2017

The Big 500 Show is back in Portland, Oregon, and it’s their anniversary! I’m excited to see the show back at the Pioneer Place Mall, former home of Peoples’ Art Of Portland Gallery. Clearly the artists rock so hard that they got invited back for another appearance!


For my pieces this year, I am exploring more in-depth the fusion of a variety of mixed media materials, techniques, and processes:

It’s been a bit heinous getting ready for the show, after getting my own place, moving my household across the state in September, setting up my art studio in a whole new building, work transitions, health transitions, and so on. So I hadn’t had as much time or brain power as I’d like to be able to focus on what I wanted to do.

Yet, I’d wanted to give more time and opportunity to the part of me that loves to feel things, to play with materials and enjoy the colors and textures, to go with an intuitive vision. So I started with a mere flash of an idea- working with metal foil and making lantern-style light “boxes.” Add to that some cool finds in my materials stash that I hadn’t seen in years, and some beachcombed treasures, and I was off and running.

I’m excited about the possibilities with the light boxes, as it provides a sustainable way to light up a space that can last for a long time, has replaceable components, and uses minimal power. Also blurring the lines between art and functionality; pieces that are paintings or sculptures by day, can take on an added dimension by night.

I will be at the opening (get there by 2pm for a PARADE!) so I hope you can make it out! If not opening night, the show will be up through Christmas for all of your holiday shopping needs.




July 15: NW’s Largest Garage Sale


I will be vending at this year’s NW’s Largest Garage sale at the Clark County Event Center in Ridgefield, Washington, about 20m North of Portland.

Directions to the Event Center are on their website here.

NW’s G sales happen periodically throughout the year, but this event will be on ONE day only, July 15th, from 8am-4pm. EARLY BIRD hour will be from 7-8am for you morning people… Which I’m not! If you happen to make it out that early, I might even be motivated to offer a discount… Make me an offer 🙂

I will have a variety of vintage & collectible clothing on offer at this sale, including belly dance/festival costumery, gothic, 80’s punk, ska/rockabilly, and a few designer items (Dansko clogs are very comfy!)

In addition, I will have original art and craft pieces, as well as your more traditional “garage sale” items, vintage cassette/VHS tapes, fiction and academic/text books, possibly some art and craft supplies, vintage jewelry, etc.

I hope to be able to utilize Square for the first time at this booth! So swipe cards, cash and checks should work fine. I can also do pay by email.

Hope to see you out this coming Saturday!




“Artists’ Union Connections” Meet & Greet- And art donations!


I’m assisting with launching an effort here in the Portland, Oregon area called “Artists’ Union Local 503”. It’s an attempt to establish a trade union style support and advocacy organization for those who would like to make a full-time (or at least, living wage) career from their creative work (any arts media included).

We are meeting on every 2nd Monday evening of the month, from 6-8pm, for a creative community event called “Artists’ Union Connections”, at a Central East side location. This will allow us to help build our support and following, provide a point of contact for creative community & allies to interface with Union reps, and also help build a space for creative community that is supportive and encouraging. Plus… Potluck! Who doesn’t love a good potluck.

For this month’s gathering on April 10th, we will also be collecting donations of art pieces and/or art and craft supplies to place in our Spring Art Swap coming up on May 1st. This will be a fundraiser and awareness raising campaign event for us, but will also provide access to cheap and/or free art and craft supplies for low-income artists, as well as a chance to own work from talented people in our local arts community. Is there someone whose work you’ve always admired, but couldn’t afford to buy a piece for yourself? Tell ’em about the swap! Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised 🙂

If you can’t make it to this Monday’s event, but you’d still like to participate in the upcoming Swap effort, please get a hold of us through one of the links below.

You can learn more about Artists’ Union Local 503, and about our upcoming events, at these links:

Facebook Page

Facebook Networking Group (open to the public)

Artists Union Website

Meetup Group


Big 500 Show 2016 @ the Ford Building

I’m one of the artist-volunteers helping to hang artwork for the Big 500 show, this year at the Ford building on SE Division (near Genies cafe’ and across the street from the Independent Publishing Resource Center). It’s only been about three hours, and we already have over half the building covered in art! 

If you aren’t familiar with the show, it’s cash and carry, all pieces $40 each, and all pieces were created especially for the show. They’re show in “random order”, so even though some of the work is by collectible local artists, you won’t be able to know whose piece is whose until you look on the back of the work. Thus, each piece stands on its own merits.

Having gotten such positive feedback since last year, I’m continuing in what I may turn into an annual holiday tradition, and hanging “light panels” featuring LED lights that can be switched on and off from the back of the work. 

This year, I experimented with using copper wire, tissue paper and acrylic gel to create the translucent “lanterns”. The effects are resilient and show off the light to good effect. A magical happening during the art making process, was that the copper wire oxidized during the drying process- so the framework shows a little bit of verdigris patina through the tissue. I kind of like it myself 🙂

I hope you can come and check out the show, opening tomorrow, Dec. 10th, 2 to about 10pm. I’ll be there! And if you show up later in the evening, you might be in for an extra treat out back in the parking lot…. 

Art Party @ The Crimson Lotus

I’m stoked about the new album I came home with a few weeks ago, from Production Unit Xero (aka Ramon Mills)x with cover art by Tara Cochrane. The collage art and the smoky, minimalistic ambient music on the album are all original and unique, part of a limited-edition set, each with a different song mix and design. 

I got it at an Art Party, where a number of Tara Cochrane’s visionary/mythological/Goddess-inspired canvases were on display.

It was held at The Crimson Lotus, which has replaced Baowry Bagel, the former inhabitant of a turn-of-the-century stone house in St. Johns, right across from the Safeway on one side, & the McMenamin’s on another.  

They have tasty food at The Crimson Lotus (the Rat Burger is a favorite item); a variety of drinks including absinthe, and monthly offerings, such as the Art Party. This featured a live performance from Production Unit Xero and several other local talents. The intimate space was also home to a Tarot reader, as well as a cozy backyard burn barrel with loveseat. 

On another night, there was a dance party in the basement, featuring a DJ from Seattle spinning Deep Acid House & psytrance. 

It’s ventures such as these, and new offerings such as the revamped Pigeon Studio near by, that cause me to have faith that the positive creative vibe in St. Johns is still alive and well. I was struck by the local enthusiasm for sophisticated music, good food, and friendly, mutual community support a while back- and pleased to see it grow and develop.

Now as the season turns to rainy October, and I am more drawn to spending time indoors at my desk, by the fireplace, I can keep the magic of that evening going by playing the album from that evening, offered generously at a “pay what you will” donation, and extend that vibe into the future, as I dream up my own contributions to come. 

NoFest in St. Johns 

John Barbera at Proper Eats

Come visit St. Johns this evening and experience a slice of local music and art, NoPo style! There will be a variety of performances, the bulk of them happening from 5pm-9 (but many will run later) in a variety of locations throughout downtown St. Johns. Too many to list here, but expect to see performances by groups such as Nasalrod, Michael Manning, the Mini Blinds, and much more. 

You can pick up a program at Proper Eats cafe’, check out some of the bands, and see my current art show that’s hanging together with some awesome Animal Icon art from a group of our local talented home schoolers (all proceeds from sales of their Icon art goes to benefit World Wildlife Fund, by the way. Just sayin’.)

It’ll be guaranteed fun- but even if you can’t make it out tonight, be sure to visit my paintings at the Cafe’ by the end of this month, because I’ll be making way for a new show in October. Many thanks to James & the Proper Eats crew for being one of the best (and longest-running) art shows I’ve had thus far! 

Lightboxes at Goodfoot Last Thursday August 2016

I Am Therefore I Think

I will have a set of 3 new works up at the next art exhibit at the Goodfoot in SE Portland! Opening this coming Thursday, August 25th, upstairs lounge & pool room open 5pm-2:30am.

The “I Am, Therefore I Think” show will feature original works from artists all across the Portland Metro area, and will serve as a platform for creative sociopolitical, subjective/personal, expressive, and diverse commentary, questioning/challenging, and observation.

I’m excited to participate in this show, as I had been strongly affected by the ongoing shooting tragedies going on in the news over this past summer, and have been trying to come up with a creative response to the thoughts, fears and feelings that recent events had left me with. I had been encouraging those around me to do the same.

Art and creative expression can be powerfully healing, eye-opening, & transformative in the wake of tragedy, horror and the distresses of life. I haven’t been the only one, now or historically speaking, to try and find a way to process world events and personal experiences through art making. It is the basis of what I believe, and have come to know, both through direct, personal experience, through making my own work, as well as fostering and witnessing the creative works of others.

What I wound up envisioning, takes a nod from my parents’ era and the formation of art commentarists such as Leon Golub, Anselm Kiefer, Jenny Holzer, Andy Warhol and the like- but in this instance,  it turns the 1950’s habit of “world culture” appropriation & exploitation on its head.

I was easily able to find some images of Adinkra, or West African cultural symbols, online. I can’t help but appreciate the almost-too-simple convenience of being able to get this info directly from an African blogger and peace activist who’s kindly made these resources freely available to the public, along with clear descriptions of the meanings they hold:

“Adinkra are visual symbols, originally created by the Ashanti of Ghana and the Gyaman of Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. They represent concepts or aphorisms, and are extensively used in fabrics, pottery, logos and advertising.

The symbols have a decorative function but also represent objects that encapsulate evocative messages that convey traditional wisdom, aspects of life or the environment.” – Mawuna Remarque Kotounin,

From the list of symbols, I chose three which I felt represented a healing energy & commentary that could be displayed & enacted through the use of transforming them into illuminated art pieces on display. These three certainly aren’t the only ones that have such potential, but given just how many symbols I had to pick from, it provided me the luxury of fine-tuning what I wanted the artworks to convey to the viewer.

This has led to a light box series that focuses on the specific meaning of each symbol:

God Never Dies litebox web.jpg

“NYAME NNWU NA MAWU- God Never Dies, Therefore I Cannot Die”- Mixed Media on Canvas Board, 2016


As I constructed the pieces, I noticed that the way the LED light hits the front of the piece- normally a frustrating part of the process for me to try and mitigate- actually enhances the “message” of the work in this case:


The Adinkrahene

‘“I am the King, and everything comes from me, everything shall return to me. I link you with everything. Your actions affect others, no matter wherever you are. Your thoughts influence others, therefore watch over your mind. Think positively, constructively and scientifically.”

Chief of the Adinkra Symbols Symbol of greatness, charisma and leadership. This symbol is said to have played an inspiring role in the designing of other symbols. it signifies the importance of playing a leadership role.

This is a symbol of the waves of thought impulses. You are in the middle of The One Life, the Life that permeates the whole Universe. This is a wonderful opportunity offered you to positively identify yourself with Universal Mind, with the Ultimate Source of Life.”‘- Queen Nzinga Maxwell

… I love it when things come together like this!

I hope you can drop by the Goodfoot this coming Thursday evening, or any evening this coming month, to check out “I Am, Therefore I Think” & see all three of my pieces on display. May they shine a little light out into the world. I hope to explore and expand further with the light box series- stay tuned for future offerings!









SE Makers Market This Weekend

I will be showing some of my small original art pieces, as well as some jewelry and vintage/collectibles at the SE Makers Market this Saturday! If you’re out and about this weekend in SE be sure to stop on by!  

Print On Demand Now Available

Hi folks, I just signed up with to provide you with quality fine art prints, posters, greeting cards, and more- all featuring prints of my original work.

You can see my profile page on Artflakes here.

They are one of the few art print services that will identify purchasers to me, the person generating the content, which is valuable to me, a woman running a small art business who would like to build a customer base from positive community relations- not just as a nameless content producer online.

And right now, I am motivated to grow that business- so if you would and could, please take a look, try the site out, make a purchase or two, and help me get some real world feedback on the service! Also don’t forget to “like” work as I put up images you might enjoy, share with others, and leave me some (hopefully constructive) comments on my Artflakes profile! You will definitely receive my undying appreciation. For extra devoted fans, I might even throw in a freebie 🙂

Any experience with using Print On Demand services that you’ve found helpful? Feel free to comment on this post and share your experiences, good bad or otherwise.




The Constitutional


Here is the poster for this weekend’s Constitutional art party in St. Johns, 9am-2pm. Vendors in Cathedral Park plus a number of other fun activities. Make sure to drop by Proper Eats Market & Café if you visit, and see my show currently up in the dining and front window areas!

Now Showing @ Proper Eats


I just hung artwork at Proper Eats Market & Café in the charming St. Johns neighborhood in Portland, this past Memorial Day. I have something like ten pieces, mostly in the dining area, plus this stained glass piece in the front window:

frontdoor view web

This piece was a miracle “rescue”, of sorts, as it had been just about finished several years back- but the vintage carved wood frame that the image had been collaged and painted on to had started to split and fall apart! I would suspect it was a piece from the 1930’s or earlier, as the frame had been cleverly assembled from many smaller pieces of wood, and the molding that held the glass to the frame was one long piece of twisted paper, secured by tiny nails. I was so afraid that the exposed glass would shatter! And I just couldn’t, at the time, see how to reconstruct the piece. So it was wrapped up in a spare tablecloth and some cardboard, stored in a corner, and forgotten for a long time.

Finally, in search of some new pieces to put in this show, I got bold enough to unwrap it. By this time, it had sustained several moves and a number of reshuffles from one corner of living space and/or art studio to another. There was some rattling going on inside the package. I was worried. What would I find?

When the piece was eased gently out of its casing, I saw that the rattling had come from a random piece of plastic that had somehow gotten inside the package, hastily wrapped as it had been. The glass was completely intact, all of the frame pieces present. What’s more, it had been packaged together with a number of other pieces of raw glass that had been saved for other projects- with no extra wrapping or padding. Somehow, it had survived all of that traveling and jostling around, and so had all of the other glass inside. Unheard of!

DNTs close up web

So, I carefully reassembled the frame, resealed the glass with sturdier, more modern means, and carried it on down to the show. Eh Voilá: You will get to see a piece that almost wasn’t meant to be.

The remainder of the works show off my interest and focus in the past few years, of combining assemblage and fiber arts/beadwork techniques on canvas and 2-D works. Here you will have a chance to examine them up close.

tall corner web

And if this weren’t enough: I have the space for TWO whole months- June through August- so expect some changeup of work, and hopefully some intriguing new items, part way through the season.

And if THIS, plus the chance to visit one of Portland’s fine independent markets and their tasty food & beverages, were not enough- the show will be up during “The Constitutional”, St. Johns’ yearly art celebration event, happening June 11th. Read more about it here, then come out and have a good time up on the N. side!

People’s Art of Portland: Closing Show April 16

It’s sad, but true: People’s Art of Portland will be closing its doors at the end of the month.

The gallery, and associated OneDer Gallery and Air Gallery, as well as the Mark Wooley Gallery, have been asked to vacate in order to make way for investors that have agreed to contract the space on the top floor of Pioneer Place Mall.

“This was always the agreement”, is the comment from arts curator, Chris Haberman. The gallery had originally moved into a vacated toy store, a number of years ago, and provided mall traffic, interest and cultural tourism in exchange for being hosted by the mall and its property managers, General Growth Properties.

The gallery will be open regular hours until this weekend, when there will be a closing show Saturday, April 16th, 5-9pm, to commemorate People’s and celebrate the lives and work of its artists. Expect a LOT of artwork, as all of the pieces from OneDer will be consolidated back into the original People’s gallery space. This will be your chance to pick up a piece or two from artists you may have seen and admired at the Gallery- including EMEK, Gary Houston, Mona Superhero, Chris Haberman himself.. And of course, yours truly 🙂

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity!

Read the Facebook info about the gallery closing and show details

” target=”_blank”>here.


Showin’ Up Around Town


I currently have about eight pieces up at the People of People’s show. It’s somewhat of a retrospective for me, that highlights the evolution of my “style” and interests over time, especially as they relate to experimentation in fiber arts, painting and mixed media.

POP’s is the annual staff/volunteer show for People’s Art of Portland, and I have to honestly say that I work with a remarkably talented bunch of co-artists at the gallery, because every single piece in this year’s exhibit is inspiring… intriguing… amazing. I was having a hard time focusing on conversations during the opening, because I kept getting distracted by other people’s work. How cool is that?

people of peoples flyerThe show will be up until sometime around February 10th, when the gallery will turn over in preparation for the annual LOVE SHOW (Hint/Rumor: This opening, unlike our usual 3rd Sat, will be timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day Weekend- stay tuned for more details on that one!) – make sure to catch it before it’s gone, as some of the pieces I have up have never been on exhibit anywhere before- and may or may not be again!

AND ALSO, upcoming THIS THURSDAY evening at the Goodfoot on Stark St. in Portland, is the opening night for the New Brow of Portland, co-presented by Chris Haberman and Jason Brown. I will also have one piece in this show. It’s an exhibit that features current “signature” pieces from over 50 artists around the Portland/Oregon region. This is sure to be a lively and mind-expanding event. Don’t miss out!

New Brow Show 2016.jpg


Big 500 Opening This Saturday!


Come down to the People’s Art of Portland Gallery this Saturday, from 2-9pm, for the grand opening of the Big 500 show 2015! Bring a can of food for the food drive.

I will have five panels in the show. You can’t miss them as they are all super-3D, and they light up with portable color changing LED’s! I think of them as “abstract deep paintings with light”, but a standalone idea would be light boxes. If this goes over well, I might be convinced to make actual wireless light box sculptures that can stand on their own.


The show is pretty simple: 500 artists have created a multitude of panels for the show (some do up to 20 at a time!) and they are all for sale, cash/credit & carry, at $40 each. The panels are displayed salon style, so that all you see is the art- although the artist’s name is on the back of the panel. The overall effect means you have a chance to experience a whole range of works at once, and find those that really speak to you. It’s one of the biggest- and funnest- shows at People’s all year!

You can visit People’s on the 3rd floor of Pioneer Place Mall, in the West wing. Typically the other galleries- Mark Wooley, AIR and OneDer, should also be open for your gallery opening and shopping needs.

I will be volunteering as a gallery “floater” during the opening, so I hope to see you there and say hi!



OneDer Gallery & AIR Opening This Weekend

OneDer PostcardHey all, check out opening night for a new gallery in the Pioneer Place Mall art complex, this Saturday, November 21st, from 5-9pm.  OneDer Gallery!

This new rendition of the gallery space will replace the Sculpture Gallery that had graced the top floor for much of this past year. (hopefully you locals had a chance to check out their work, it was some really good quality stuff.) OneDer will function as an extension of the People’s Art of Portland space across the way, and will provide a place for what curator, Chris Haberman, terms “merch”, after the tradition of rock concerts to sell affordable items with their band’s artwork to take home or give as gifts. Like a merch booth, OneDer will feature postcards, prints, small or less expensive art pieces, books, T-Shirts and more, from current People’s artists as well as some fresh blood, all work cash and carry for under $100. Just in time for some holiday pre-shopping!

I will have some of my felt wristicuffs, amulet pendants, 8 x 10″ prints, and greeting cards for sale at OneDer. This opening also debuts the hand illustrated T-shirt art of my ever loving hubby, Kristoffer Godwin. Each is a one of a kind design. He also takes custom requests, so if you don’t see something you love, hit him up and he will be happy to paint something just for you.

Happening concurrently will be the re-presentation of the Artist In Residence gallery, or AIR, which will now be home to artists Fred Swan, Linda Robertson, Theresa Andreas-O’leary, Suzanne Vaughan, and Jo Grishman. Say welcome and view the current exhibit, Voices of Nature, while you’re there, before it closes this Sunday the 22nd.

It’s all happening on the top floor of Pioneer Place Mall, West wing, 700 SW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97204. Hope to see you there!



Lesley Burke at Blondie: A Salon


I recently went to my friend Lesley Burke’s art opening at Blondie: A Salon. It was a friendly, inviting atmoshpere in one of downtown Portland’s vintage office buildings, still operational as a mix of apartments and street front businesses. The elegant backdrop served to show off Lesley’s visionary and dream like, richly layered oil paintings and small works quite well. Later in the night, DJ’s had the intimate but enthusiastic crowd bumpin! You can visit the event Facebook Page for the event to see more photos and info from opening night.

You may still be able to catch the show while it’s up. Visit Blondie: A Salon at 1225 SW Alder St., Ste. D, Portland, OR 97205. Stop by and say hello to the owner and you might earn yourself a discounted first time hair cut too!



Volunteering at Peoples!

I am proud to announce that I have taken on a part time volunteer position at Peoples Art of Portland Gallery!

Curated by local art rock star Chris Haberman, and co-managed by Jason Brown of Po’ Boy Art, the gallery is located on the top floor of the Pioneer Place Mall in downtown Portland. Since its debut, they have had many wonderful shows, with fun and lively opening nights typically on the third Saturday of the month. There are now several more galleries open next door, including the relocatedMark Wooley Gallery, putting P-town on the map for having a mall with its very own independent art scene!

The current show up at People’s is an EMEK one-man rock n’ roll poster & graphics exhibit, complete with special viewing rooms for some of the more unusual items. This exhibit will change over in October to a new seasonally themed show, so make sure to catch a view of EMEK before he goes away.

You can see the upcoming events schedule for People’s Art on the gallery website, here, or on the Facebook page, here.

I hope to have some work up in the gallery in at least some of the upcoming October-December shows, and to have some additional small pieces on sale in the “merchandise” area.

I will tenatively be at the gallery on a few Thursday afternoons per month, and some Saturdays-definitely plan to attend opening nights where I can. Come by and say hello- and help spread the word about supporting local Portland art!

Feminist Themed Art Night

The feminist show at Gallery Mini on October First Thursday was well attended, and generated some truly diverse and thought provoking work. I was happy to be included!

You can now see photos from the show on the Facebook event page, here.

Feminist Themed Art Night- ONE NIGHT ONLY SHOW


Join the Amalgamated Feminism group and Gallery Mini on First Thursday, October 1st, for a group show “by artists who are trans and cis women to provide feminist art that empowers and challenges the status quo.”

The goal of this timely event, as described on the FTAN invitation, is “to create an engaging and memorable installation that enhances awareness of feminist issues.”

Amalgamated Feminism is also promoting a drive for menstrual products to be distributed to homeless women- a much needed and under-supported service in the Portland community. Please bring a fresh box of tampons, pads, etc. to put in the drop box!

I will have an assemblage piece in the show (above), entitled “Keep the Home Fires Burning.” It has many fun and interactive elements for you to investigate in person. I have a personally relevant statement to go with it. It could be for sale to the right person. Please contact me directly for more details. I am planning on being at the opening, but I’m not able to visit the entire time.

To see my piece up close & in person, and experience this ground-breaking show, visit Gallery Mini on First Thursday between 6:30-9:30, at the Everett St. Station Lofts, 328 NW Broadway St, Unit #115, Portland, Oregon 97209.

Go HERE for more info on Amalgamated Feminism.

Go HERE for more info on Gallery Mini.

Go HERE for the invitation on Facebook.

We look forward to seeing you!

My New Storefront

Hey Guys (of whatever gendered persuasion!)… Guess What! I have a new storefront on Storenvy under Laughingnewborn. It’s kind of like Etsy, with a focus on independent artists & designers whose brands tell a compelling story. I’d like to think mine does 🙂
It functions kind of like a social media site, in that you can “collect” items/brands you like and share them with others.

So, go “Envy” my store, if you would plz, thanks!!!

Go to my Contacts page, Here

and it should pop right up.
Or, you can visit:

It is still brand new, so make sure to check back regularly, both here and on the storefront, to see what new developments are taking place. Please contact me if you notice any bugs that need fixing.

Yays! – SBA

Vintage Vendors this Sunday!


Hey all, I will be a vendor at this event this Sunday, March 29th! I plan to bring some vintage and collectible goodies- clothes, costume jewelry, maybe even some interesting curios or so… Also I will have my wearable art pieces to view and purchase. Come see what I have in person, and talk to me during the show about getting a custom piece made, and I’ll give you 10% off a custom order! Just remind me “we met at Vintage Vendors.”

Pancakes & Booze Show




I have 3 pieces on the wall upstairs at the Pancakes & Booze Show, tonight at Hawthorne Theater in SE Portland, OR 8pm-close. I will also be doing live art making. Stop on by and say hello! Admission is only $5 and it gets you tons of original local artists on display, live art making and body painting, DJ’s, and of course… all you can eat pancakes! How cool is that?