The Art and Craft of Serena Blossom Appel


For sales, networking or questions, call:

503.839.6224 C

Facebook/Instagram: Blossom Savolainen

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Currently, I am available for the following services/activities:

 Original works of fine art or craft

 Prints or greeting cards made from my fine art pieces (locally, I usually have photo quality cards and 8 x 10″ prints available…For archival prints/cards, visit my Artflakes storefront online)

 Custom works such as a special costume or fit-to measure clothing item, wearable art piece, 2-D art piece or assemblage

Custom art and healing pieces, altar building, ceremonies/community projects utilizing creativity and healing

Networking, presentations, exhibition opportunities

Creative writing- short stories, poetry, online content, professional articles, writing workshop/presentations

I’m always excited to hear from people who are interested in my work, and I look forward to chatting with you!




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