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Heceta Head Lighthouse 8/7


I will be hosting a coloring station at the Heceta Head Lighthouse  this Wednesday, August 7th, between 11am- 4pm, during the “Artists in the Garden” event.

We will be offering pages from Marcia Phillips’ Lighthouse coloring book, an upcoming publication by a local Oregon Coast artist. I will also be offering coloring pages adapted from some of my sketches and paintings by Zuul Industries.

It should be a beautiful day on the Coast, but parking will be limited- so come visit before the tourists get there!

July 15: NW’s Largest Garage Sale


I will be vending at this year’s NW’s Largest Garage sale at the Clark County Event Center in Ridgefield, Washington, about 20m North of Portland.

Directions to the Event Center are on their website here.

NW’s G sales happen periodically throughout the year, but this event will be on ONE day only, July 15th, from 8am-4pm. EARLY BIRD hour will be from 7-8am for you morning people… Which I’m not! If you happen to make it out that early, I might even be motivated to offer a discount… Make me an offer 🙂

I will have a variety of vintage & collectible clothing on offer at this sale, including belly dance/festival costumery, gothic, 80’s punk, ska/rockabilly, and a few designer items (Dansko clogs are very comfy!)

In addition, I will have original art and craft pieces, as well as your more traditional “garage sale” items, vintage cassette/VHS tapes, fiction and academic/text books, possibly some art and craft supplies, vintage jewelry, etc.

I hope to be able to utilize Square for the first time at this booth! So swipe cards, cash and checks should work fine. I can also do pay by email.

Hope to see you out this coming Saturday!




My Art Piece for Facing Fear

Primal Death Anxiety

This was the piece I submitted for Launch Pad Gallery’s fall theme show for this year, “Facing Fear.” about 100 artists contributed to this show. You can read about it here.

The elements for this piece (the frame and the mirror) have been hanging around my art studio for some time. I didn’t know how they fit together but I knew some day it would come together.
Then recently, I started reading “Existential Psychotherapy”, by Irvin Yalom. He’s a big name in therapy. He has a quite large chapter related to death anxiety and the way this underlies much of psychopathology. I had, around the same time, experienced a death in my own family. I decided to finish the piece, weaving together symbolism of primal death fears (becoming devoured, injury, the void, etc.) along with the original element that ties it all together: The outline of a skull, backed by a mirror, to be hung level with the viewer’s own face. Imagine this for a second, and leave me a comment about what kind of things YOU would see…?! 🙂

Latest Consignment

My piece for the Portland Love Show this year generated a request for a custom consignment by an admirer… What I developed was this. It is an exploration into traditional mola art techniques (layering and cutaway/reverse applique’ techniques) in felt. Fun to make!

Tonight: Love Show Opening Night


I hope to see you there tonight! I plan on being at the opening a little earlier (7pm)… If not then you can visit my artwork @ the show anytime for the next month.

What I’ve been doing the past 2 1/2 Months

my shelves

The Appel Portland base of operations moved in mid-Feb to a new live/work space in inner SE Portland, conveniently located for seeing clients and enjoying the rich community resources here. I have been reconstructing the art studio to make it share-able with others. It’s been taking a lot of preparation, as you can see… but I’m proud of my new found ability to construct a level surface (on a non-level floor)…!

Dreams show Oct. 3rd @ Launchpad Gallery


The above piece is not new, but it’s received a new context by my decision to enter it into the Dreams show, this coming month at Launchpad Gallery.

I felt it matched the show theme as the portrait depicts a young man I had originally dreamed about, but had not met, in a location I had never been to (England). Later that year, I did go to that place and I met him. The interaction that followed resulted in this piece. (And yes, he really did have that amazing hair!)

If you get a chance to come out to the opening, please do as the piece is in a spiffy new frame and looks awesome in person. The Web cannot do it justice.

“Dreams” opening night, First Friday, October 3, 6:00pm-???

Launchpad Gallery

534 SE Oak, Portland, OR 


I’ll be there earlier, from maybe 6-7pm. After that I am heading to Conflux. You’re welcome to tag along.