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My Art Piece for Facing Fear

Primal Death Anxiety

This was the piece I submitted for Launch Pad Gallery’s fall theme show for this year, “Facing Fear.” about 100 artists contributed to this show. You can read about it here.

The elements for this piece (the frame and the mirror) have been hanging around my art studio for some time. I didn’t know how they fit together but I knew some day it would come together.
Then recently, I started reading “Existential Psychotherapy”, by Irvin Yalom. He’s a big name in therapy. He has a quite large chapter related to death anxiety and the way this underlies much of psychopathology. I had, around the same time, experienced a death in my own family. I decided to finish the piece, weaving together symbolism of primal death fears (becoming devoured, injury, the void, etc.) along with the original element that ties it all together: The outline of a skull, backed by a mirror, to be hung level with the viewer’s own face. Imagine this for a second, and leave me a comment about what kind of things YOU would see…?! 🙂