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Astoria Winter Market-trip report

The Significant Other and I had a good time this weekend visiting with friends up in northern Oregon/southern Washington, and vending for a day at the Astoria Winter Market.
Everyone we spent time around was super friendly. I got practical advice and enthusiasm from the other vendors. Plus we found the locals to be quite friendly too. I only sold a couple items, traffic was slow at the Market, but I did roughly break even. The whole area has been even more economically depressed than Portland, as we heard it. But the atmosphere- magic wands, essential oils, chain mail jewelry, hand felted hats, etc. Felt right at home for me.
Coming back from Astoria at night was challenging… The extreme dark coupled with fog and blowing rain made visibility hard. We also to wait on Hwy. 30 for over an hour for them to clear a rock slide that had happened just a few cars ahead. We were grateful that no one got hurt, and that we were rock-free. An eye opener of a Winter Solstice present…!

My booth at Astoria Winter Market

We made it to Astoria this weekend for their annual holiday market. This year it is at the Astoria Event Center from 11-4. I am just here for the day. It’s a beautiful space, mellow atmosphere, live guitar carols, beer and wine from local sellers, and of course lots of awesome handmade crafts. It’s gonna be a fun day 🙂

This Weekend: Astoria Winter Market

Astoria Winter Market Postcard_Front

Hey folks! I will be at this event THIS SATURDAY, 11am-4pm. I am planning on one day only. I will have prints and cards of my artwork, new and overstock jewelry, and hopefully some hoodie scarves if I have time to finish them. This is the last weekend of the Market, so I’d love to see you come pay a visit if you’re in the area!