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Creative Arts Therapies day @ Marylhurst

So, I finally got to pull off my workshop today for Creative Arts Therapies day at Marylhurst University. This is something I said i would do much earlier in the year, but I didn’t run across the topic until very recently: I presented on Resiliency & Art Therapy. So far I don’t think anyone has put these together.

Resiliency is a strength based concept that says people have an innate ability to tolerate distressing events, and to find ways of overcoming obstacles with problem solving. Art has the ability to “go deep” and get right at the heart of what’s bothering one. So to put those together = a winning combo for targeting what’s wrong, then figuring out how to fix it.

My workshop had 18 people! It was at the end of the day so I think that contributed. I had some bumpy moments (a participant not quite understanding what I was doing for ex.), but overall I got lots of feedback that the project worked to help people gain insight. Awesomeness.

I wish I would have gotten there early enough to see the other presenters. I liked the workshop I did attend (client relationships viewed thru art therapy). I liked hearing the perspective from people who practice in other modalities. I also dug the giant music therapy drum circle at the end. AN-I-MAL… DRUM…!

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