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Love tokens, coming up!

Whippin’ up some heart pins for my booth at Love the Underground tonight… Gettin wild and crazy with the felt scraps is such fun!

And Another Thing! Love The Underground Show


I also just took on vending, and possibly doing some live painting, at the Love The Underground Show which is taking place the evening of Feb. 15th in Portland. There will be an awesome lineup of DJ’s for dance music, other art and crafts/small supplier vendors, aerial dancers, and more at this event. Presale tickets for $10 are available for a limited time! I’ve been to a Mo’Pro event before and I’m all excited about this one now! Go here to learn more about this event and get your tickets before presales are gone.

Contest Winner Announcement

It proved to be, curiously, more difficult than I thought to engage people with my drawing at the Splendorcraft holiday sale to win a free, custom designed felt pendant. So it’s taken a little while to track down a winner who wanted to claim the prize. (you would think free and awesome would be a big draw for most folks.. Maybe we have it too good here in Stumptown?!)

But! A winner was identified: Lesley A. Burke of Portland. She sounds excited to get an extra holiday gift. Congratulations Lesley!

Splendorporium wrap up

Despite the unusually cold weather this past week, the Splendorcraft sale saw at least a moderate turnout. People were really excited to bring their pets and have their pictures taken on the awesome Santa red velvet chair with the pin up ladies and pugs from Pug Rescue. It was a fun event to be part of, and folks were super friendly and helpful. I didn’t make a lot of sales, but the ones I did were good value- mostly copper and silver wire crocheted/knitted pieces I had on overstock. Sadly, production development for newer felt pieces has been more involved than I thought, so a number of them weren’t ready in time for the show. Got plenty of compliments though, and I am encouraged to branch out more… We will see where it goes.

Gearing up for Splendorcraft!

wristicuff rainbow spread

I’m a busy little elf these days- I’m having fun deepening my skills with free hand machine embroidery and playing with so many vibrant colors and beads and fun felt shapes. I hope to have all my new goodies done in time to show off the full inventory to y’all this weekend at the Splendorcraft Holiday Sale. But wait! There’s more:

In addition to the already awesome Splendorporium event, which is going to feature pictures with your favorite pin up girl and your pet, and pugs from Pug Rescue- not to mention their already awesome gallery and children’s art exhibit space- I will be hosting a THIS-WEEKEND-ONLY drawing to win a FREE custom designed felt pendant. Winner to be announced here on my blog by next week. You heard correct- I will make you a custom piece, you get to choose the design and the color, in my current style format for free. The catch? You have to show up and visit my table to enter. Hope to see you all there!





Splendorporium Gift Sale, 1st Weekend in December

diamond wristicuff worn

“diamond” wristicuff showing secret stash pocket!

Hey all! I will be vending my art prints, greeting cards, and NEW jewelry/accessories/ornaments at Splendorporium’s Splendorcraft Gift Sale, Friday Dec. 6 from 5-9pm, and Saturday Dec. 7th from noon-9pm. It’s at 3421 SE 21st Ave. here in Portland. This gallery is an extension of the Art4Life non profit that benefits public schools in Portland. Come show some local PDX love!

You can get more details about Splendorporium here.

Fiber Art Updates




Not a lot of traffic at the 2nd Hand Treasures yard sale from this weekend, but I was pleased that I could present some of my new finished felt pendants, and got some positive feedback for them. Plus, I traded the 2nd one- inspired by the colors of Fall leaves- for a neat belly dance outfit pattern offered by one of the other vendors. The colors in the pendant matched almost exactly with a costume she was making out of burgundy and green satins. How perfect was that!

I also had the first fitting of the mockup for my custom costume client today, and other than some minor placement issues, the fit is just right! We were both very pleased at how the experiment worked out. I should have the final piece done by the end of this or next week. I hope to post a picture or two soon…