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Big 500 Opening This Saturday!


Come down to the People’s Art of Portland Gallery this Saturday, from 2-9pm, for the grand opening of the Big 500 show 2015! Bring a can of food for the food drive.

I will have five panels in the show. You can’t miss them as they are all super-3D, and they light up with portable color changing LED’s! I think of them as “abstract deep paintings with light”, but a standalone idea would be light boxes. If this goes over well, I might be convinced to make actual wireless light box sculptures that can stand on their own.


The show is pretty simple: 500 artists have created a multitude of panels for the show (some do up to 20 at a time!) and they are all for sale, cash/credit & carry, at $40 each. The panels are displayed salon style, so that all you see is the art- although the artist’s name is on the back of the panel. The overall effect means you have a chance to experience a whole range of works at once, and find those that really speak to you. It’s one of the biggest- and funnest- shows at People’s all year!

You can visit People’s on the 3rd floor of Pioneer Place Mall, in the West wing. Typically the other galleries- Mark Wooley, AIR and OneDer, should also be open for your gallery opening and shopping needs.

I will be volunteering as a gallery “floater” during the opening, so I hope to see you there and say hi!



Feminist Themed Art Night- ONE NIGHT ONLY SHOW


Join the Amalgamated Feminism group and Gallery Mini on First Thursday, October 1st, for a group show “by artists who are trans and cis women to provide feminist art that empowers and challenges the status quo.”

The goal of this timely event, as described on the FTAN invitation, is “to create an engaging and memorable installation that enhances awareness of feminist issues.”

Amalgamated Feminism is also promoting a drive for menstrual products to be distributed to homeless women- a much needed and under-supported service in the Portland community. Please bring a fresh box of tampons, pads, etc. to put in the drop box!

I will have an assemblage piece in the show (above), entitled “Keep the Home Fires Burning.” It has many fun and interactive elements for you to investigate in person. I have a personally relevant statement to go with it. It could be for sale to the right person. Please contact me directly for more details. I am planning on being at the opening, but I’m not able to visit the entire time.

To see my piece up close & in person, and experience this ground-breaking show, visit Gallery Mini on First Thursday between 6:30-9:30, at the Everett St. Station Lofts, 328 NW Broadway St, Unit #115, Portland, Oregon 97209.

Go HERE for more info on Amalgamated Feminism.

Go HERE for more info on Gallery Mini.

Go HERE for the invitation on Facebook.

We look forward to seeing you!

Contest Winner Announcement

It proved to be, curiously, more difficult than I thought to engage people with my drawing at the Splendorcraft holiday sale to win a free, custom designed felt pendant. So it’s taken a little while to track down a winner who wanted to claim the prize. (you would think free and awesome would be a big draw for most folks.. Maybe we have it too good here in Stumptown?!)

But! A winner was identified: Lesley A. Burke of Portland. She sounds excited to get an extra holiday gift. Congratulations Lesley!

Splendorporium wrap up

Despite the unusually cold weather this past week, the Splendorcraft sale saw at least a moderate turnout. People were really excited to bring their pets and have their pictures taken on the awesome Santa red velvet chair with the pin up ladies and pugs from Pug Rescue. It was a fun event to be part of, and folks were super friendly and helpful. I didn’t make a lot of sales, but the ones I did were good value- mostly copper and silver wire crocheted/knitted pieces I had on overstock. Sadly, production development for newer felt pieces has been more involved than I thought, so a number of them weren’t ready in time for the show. Got plenty of compliments though, and I am encouraged to branch out more… We will see where it goes.

Keeping the holiday spirit

It’s been a quiet weekend so far at the Splendorporium Splendorcraft holiday sale… We blame the unusually cold weather for scaring Portlanders into huddling inside. That said, it’s been really nice to connect with other vendors and shoppers who appreciate quality handmade goods and personal connections. There’s so much awesome stuff to see here! Been well fed and watered with homemade chili, wine and hot cocoa. We had the Portland Lesbian Choir visit this afternoon and sing songs. I’ve still managed to sell enough to break even, so now I am just enjoying my time doing networking and showing off my handiwork to passersby. Still room for more entries in my custom necklace contest… Also waiting for the pugs to arrive soon. If you’re brave, come check it out this evening 🙂

Splendorporium Gift Sale, 1st Weekend in December

diamond wristicuff worn

“diamond” wristicuff showing secret stash pocket!

Hey all! I will be vending my art prints, greeting cards, and NEW jewelry/accessories/ornaments at Splendorporium’s Splendorcraft Gift Sale, Friday Dec. 6 from 5-9pm, and Saturday Dec. 7th from noon-9pm. It’s at 3421 SE 21st Ave. here in Portland. This gallery is an extension of the Art4Life non profit that benefits public schools in Portland. Come show some local PDX love!

You can get more details about Splendorporium here.

New work for a Nold Yard Sale



I will be at the 2nd Hand Treasures Yard Sale Friday, Oct. 4th- hoping to be able to show off and sell some of these awesome recycled-felt pendants! They are not only good looking but have a secret surprise. Stop by from noon to 4pm, or contact me to find out more.


A Last Stand at Last Thursday (Important!)

If you live in the Portland Metro area, you may have heard about the current conflict about Last Thursday on Alberta Street, the street-long, open market for arts and performers in the Alberta neighborhood. If not, go here for a recap.

These people are proposing a peaceful, creative community action as a response to the conflict over Last Thursday, which will be unregulated this month now that Friends of Last Thursday stepped down from office. I encourage you to support their action and keep the spirit of Portland’s creative community active and alive! Whether or not you directly contribute, these types of cultural institutions need our help and our efforts at preservation if we are to enjoy them for generations to come. Artists need to demonstrate to the City that we are their most valuable resource, not their opponents.




First Thursday Street Artists Tell You Where To Go.

Ran across this article today, for fans of Portland’s First Thursday: recommendations by the artists. You can read it here.

Pictures from Love Show ’10

A closeup of my piece at the Love Show at Olympic Mills Gallery. It included a linkback to a page on this blog, so viewers could see how the piece was constructed.

An awesome voodoo shadowbox-dollhouse by one of the other Loveshow artists.

A friend points out things she admires about my art piece, using her psychic ghost hand…:)

Match, Set, and Love!

Dreams show Oct. 3rd @ Launchpad Gallery


The above piece is not new, but it’s received a new context by my decision to enter it into the Dreams show, this coming month at Launchpad Gallery.

I felt it matched the show theme as the portrait depicts a young man I had originally dreamed about, but had not met, in a location I had never been to (England). Later that year, I did go to that place and I met him. The interaction that followed resulted in this piece. (And yes, he really did have that amazing hair!)

If you get a chance to come out to the opening, please do as the piece is in a spiffy new frame and looks awesome in person. The Web cannot do it justice.

“Dreams” opening night, First Friday, October 3, 6:00pm-???

Launchpad Gallery

534 SE Oak, Portland, OR 


I’ll be there earlier, from maybe 6-7pm. After that I am heading to Conflux. You’re welcome to tag along.